5 Surprising Home Remedies for Acne – Healthy Life Hive Group

Based on the popular demand, we have started a series on the home remedies and we have also launched a Healthy Lifestyle Community Group on Facebook called Healthy Life Hive. You need to login to your Facebook account to access the Group and it is a closed group so you need to request for joining…

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What To Avoid With Lack Of Bladder Control

Proper nutrition and diet can greatly affect any medical condition or ailment. Eating well, drinking proper fluids, and exercising to improve fitness all have beneficial effects on your body. Bladder control is something nobody ever expects to lose, but ends up affecting many people, or someone you know and love. Many dietary changes can help…

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Alcohol And Bladder Control

Alcohol is part of many individual’s daily lives. It is a tool used during social gatherings, relaxing, partying, and other events. While many people rely on alcohol to make them more outgoing, friendly, and happy, many other individuals rely on alcohol to help them relax, forget, and sleep. Used casually and infrequently, alcohol should be…

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Retraining Your Bladder

Incontinence issues and lack of bladder control are caused by a few separate issues. All issues can cause loss of urine, regardless of the reason why. Loss of bladder control can be relieved by appropriately training the bladder as well as making sure you are taking in the right minerals and nutrients through your diet.…

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Fluid Intake And Bladder Control

There is good news for individuals that suffer from lack of bladder control that wish to stay health and hydrated by making sure they get eight glasses of water a day; research says you may not need that much! So while you’ve been worried you’re not hydrated or suffering effects of dehydration while trying to…

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Exercises That Improve Bladder Control

Bladder control is a health problem that can slowly take over your life if not intervened with quickly enough. Though many individuals suffering from loss of bladder control chalk it up to a fact of life, there are several exercises and methods people can implement into their lives in order to alter the amount of…

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Causes Of The Loss Of Bladder Control

Bladder control is originally thought to be a health issue that plagues the elderly. Although sufficient research shows this population is largely affected, they are not alone. Bladder control is not an age-specific issue, and it affects men and women of all ages. There are a variety of reasons that bladder control becomes an issue…

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Stress And Sleep

Stress have its way of finding and catching up with us regardless of if were ready for it or not. Sleep can be one of the first things that is disrupted when stress runs rampant. The body can react physically, psychologically, and physiologically to stress. Studies show that most Americans lack anywhere from 60 to…

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How A Lack Of Sleep Affects Your Body And Mind.

Lacking sleep is something that most individuals struggle with on a day to day basis. When days are busy and work stretches into the night, sleep is often the first thing to come off of our list of priorities in favor of getting things done. The results are apparent the following day, with fatigue, tiredness,…

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Tired man waking up in the morning

Four Reasons You Might Feel Tired After A Full Night’s Sleep

Many people wake up groggy and tired in the morning, even after getting a solid 7-9 hours of sleep at night. If you are already going to bed and waking at a steady time, and you’ve taken steps to ensure you’re set for optimal sleep, why do you still wake up tired and lose energy…

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